It is evident that deeds are more effective than words. Hence, when a mother stops talking to a kid, pain experienced by that kid would be more than when he was scolded by his or her mother. When actions seem to be so powerful then you should let your kids watch out those episodes that are available at so that they get to know what is stopping them from winning target that is set by themselves.

Most often, we see kids complaining about their friends or classmates who have been disturbing them for meeting their targets like completing notes that is dictated by teacher or writing exam when others disturbing them. All such disturbances should not be given attention and they should concentrate on their target.

This sort of determination would be created in them when they start watching these episodes. Let them watch episodes like “The Opponent is Me” and kind off so that they know that it is fear in them that is not letting them do something that they wish to do. They should realize how god has blessed every kid with enough of energy levels, strengths and skills. It is they who should be doing everything that is possible for them for reaching their goals.
You should not teach them to be as a coward, rather teach them to be brave. If you could not make enough impact on them by telling some words or telling some stories, then one best option is to get access to these episodes and let them watch these episodes along with you and just see into their eyes when something that you have told has been explained through some scenes so that they understand how they should pay attention to your words that are spoken to give them enough courage.

April 6th, 2018

Posted In: Technology